Welcome to Lionne & 1855 Lounge, where innovative American cuisine blends seamlessly with European influences for an unforgettable dining adventure. Our dedication to scratch cooking and elegant yet approachable service promises an exceptional culinary journey.


Culinary Excellence: Tradition Meets Innovation

At Lionne, each dish is meticulously crafted with the freshest regional ingredients, celebrating Central Pennsylvania’s bounty of small farms and culinary artisans. From classic Inn dishes to exquisite plated creations, our menu reflects a dedication to superior quality.


Unpretentious Elegance

Experience the beauty of simplicity and genuine hospitality at Lionne. Whether you're enjoying a casual lunch or an intimate dinner, our attentive staff ensures a relaxed atmosphere where you can savor every moment.


Wine Enthusiast's Delight

Explore our carefully curated wine list, featuring selections from California and beyond. Elevate your dining experience with expertly chosen wine pairings, perfectly complementing the flavors of your meal.


1855 Lounge: A Sanctuary for Spirits Enthusiasts

Step into the 1855 Lounge, where you'll discover an intimate space dedicated to the world of innovative cocktails. Immerse yourself in our selection of spirits, ranging from rare single malts to beloved classics, all complemented by the same culinary excellence found in Lionne's menu.


Experience the fusion of culinary traditions, genuine hospitality, and sophisticated charm at Lionne & 1855 Lounge. Treat yourself to a dining experience that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the extraordinary.

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