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Welcome to "Penn State's Living Room"

At its core, the Nittany Lion Inn is a beacon of hospitality. Since opening its doors in 1931, it has consistently offered a welcoming embrace to guests from every corner of the world, ensuring comfort, care, and a satisfying meal. More than just a historic landmark, the Inn's heart and soul lie in its dedicated staff. Their commitment to service and hospitality has remained steadfast, a constant through the changing times. Now, as we move through 2024, marking over 90 years of operation, the Inn continues to evolve, dedicating itself to making all who visit—whether students, tourists, or local community members—feel thoroughly at home.


The Nittany Lion Inn, a historic symbol of first-class hospitality at Penn State and the State College community since 1931, continues its legacy under the management of Scholar Hotels. This Georgian colonial-style inn, beautifully situated in an oak grove opposite the White Golf Course, has long been a popular destination for campus visitors and local residents. Known for hosting an array of distinguished personalities, including Robert Frost, Eleanor Roosevelt, Presidents Lyndon Johnson and George Bush, as well as actors Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito, the inn boasts a rich history of notable guests. Under Scholar Hotels, The Nittany Lion Inn maintains its tradition of offering a unique and memorable experience. Its reputation for quiet charm, attentive service, and being a sentimental favorite among Penn State alumni endures. As President Emeritus Eric Walker once described, it remains “Penn State’s living room,” now enhanced by Scholar Hotels' expertise in hospitality.

Rooms & Suites


& 1855 Lounge

Welcome to Lionne & 1855 Lounge, where innovative American cuisine blends seamlessly with French influences for an unforgettable dining adventure. Our dedication to scratch cooking and elegant yet approachable service promises an exceptional culinary journey.


Welcome to Triplett’s, where casual vibes meet creative flavors in a high-energy atmosphere. We invite you to experience a relaxed yet exciting bar experience, featuring familiar favorites with an innovative twist, signature cocktails, and the perfect blend of lively energy.

Dear Joe:

Welcome to Dear Joe: Cafe and Bakery, where fresh and casual dining meet in a delightful blend of flavors and ambiance. Our commitment is to provide you with a unique and satisfying experience, offering a menu crafted with care and a focus on quality ingredients.

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